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Townsville Enterprise - Trade Engagement Strategy

Our engagement with Townsville Enterprise goes back a number of years as we looked to re engage this region with both the Domestic and International Trade. Due to a number of factors, the regions profile had slipped in the eyes of the trade and Pinnacle Tourism Marketing was engaged to work with Townsville Enterprise to rectify this. 

Every journey begins with a first step 

The first step in the process, was to find products and experiences that showcased the regions key selling points. There were some great products that were uncovered and we started working with them in a very staged manner.

The first step was to give them a complete overview of the tourism distribution system. This was done as group over a number of seminars.

We then worked with each one of the products to ensure that they had the correct tools that they needed to they could confidently engaged with trade. This was done at a very granular level and covered items such as: 

  • Fact Sheets
  • Rate Sheets
  • Listing on ATDW
  • Filming short vignettes for the Aussie Specialist Program

Once this was completed, we then looked at what the region was using to sell the destination. We wanted to ensure that the Townsville region was wrapped up in the right coloured paper, so it would be unwrapped the right way by the trade. The end result was the Townsville Region Trade Manual which became the goto tool to distribute to the trade. 

We then prepared the group for attendance at the Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE). We worked with the group on their selling skills and presentation and gave them the very best opportunity to be able to gain tangible outcomes from this very important event.

Working with Michael and the team has been an absolute pleasure and I truly believe that their mentorship, expertise and ability to engage with operators has been a game changer for our tourism industry. Not only has the team given our operators confidence in working in international markets they have also been a fantastic support in developing a clear strategic direction for the regions ongoing and future engagement with trade partners.
Lisa Woolfe - Townsville Enterprise 

The finale

We then finished this program off by inviting key Wholesale and Inbound Tour Operators to the region to experience the destination first hand and the products that were trade ready. This program has now given Townsville the foundation for an ongoing trade engagement. 

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