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Our Team

Michael Nelson

Michael Nelson Managing Director

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Michael is responsible for new client acquisition, ongoing client relations, the development of our industry development programs, special projects and is the primary contact for our engagement with the UK and European Market. Alongside Mike he also is responsible for our Domestic and Inbound trade engagement.

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 Mike Webley

Mike Webley General Manager

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Mike works with our clients to grow their businesses in the North American, Domestic and Online markets. He engages trade partners to develop campaigns and also assists the clients to develop their pricing and yielding strategies, ensuring they make the most of the seasonality of the destinations they are in. Mike works closely with Grace and Bianca to ensure we are having an impact across both B2B and B2C distribution and works with Michael on all things trade engagement.

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Bianca Cristaudo

Bianca Cristaudo Marketing Lead

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Bianca works with the Pinnacle’s clients on their digital marketing and online presence. This requires a primary focus on social media content creation and performance reporting, email marketing as well as managing clients online listings. Bianca also works closely with Michael and Mike assisting them with trade engagement.

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Dominique Godfrey

Dominique Godfrey Marketing Assistant

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Dominique, the newest addition to our team at Pinnacle, brings valuable expertise as a Marketing Assistant, with a strong emphasis on digital marketing solutions, particularly in the realms of social media and email marketing.

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